Empowering Future Success through Knowledge

All personnel are fully trained on safety protocols, procedures, and best practices; project management; technical skills; construction management; procurement; environmental and sustainability; documentation and reporting; and emergency response. Deux Project has trained more than 5,000 individuals throughout our 30+ years in business.

Deux Project provides training in the following key areas:

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Operational Training

Training programs for our client's operational staff, covering the safe and efficient operation of the constructed facility. Includes training on equipment operation, maintenance procedures, and emergency response protocols.

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Maintenance Training

Training on preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for the facility's equipment and systems. This helps ensure the longevity and reliability of the installed infrastructure.

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Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Training

Safety and environmental compliance is a priority for Deux Project. Our training programs cover HSE protocols, best practices, and emergency response procedures to create a safe working environment.

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Emergency Response

Emergency response services to address unforeseen issues or emergencies to minimize downtime and mitigate potential risks.

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Technology Training

Training on the use of specific technologies implemented in the project, including for control systems, automation, and other technological solutions integrated into the facility.

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Construction Safety Training

Throughout the construction phase, safety training for construction workers and personnel. This includes instruction on safe work practices, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use, and adherence to safety regulations.

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Regulatory Compliance Training

Assist clients in understanding and complying with relevant regulations in Nigeria and other countries in West Africa.

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Sustainability Training

Training on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, aligning with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly and socially responsible projects.

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Customized Training Programs

Customized training programs based on the project’s unique complexities. Deux Project wants to ensure our training is tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Our training services contribute to the overall success of the project by ensuring that personnel at various levels are well-prepared and knowledgeable in their respective roles.

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