Technical Support

Laying the Groundwork

Our technical support services play a crucial role in a project’s planning and preparation phases. Deux Project collaborates with design teams to address technical challenges, ensure feasibility, and assist in selecting appropriate materials and equipment based on technical specifications and project requirements.

Technical support services include:

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Feasibility Studies

Detailed feasibility studies to assess the project’s technical viability and analysis of factors, such as site conditions and environmental impact, and determine if the project is feasible and achievable.

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Engineering Planning

Pre-construction engineering planning involves detailed technical planning for the project. This includes defining engineering requirements, selecting appropriate technologies, and establishing design criteria.

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Technology and System Selection

The selection of appropriate technologies and systems for the project, which includes evaluating available options, considering industry best practices, and aligning technology choices with project goals.

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Constructability Reviews

Performance of constructability reviews to assess the feasibility and efficiency of the construction process, including evaluating construction methods, sequencing, and potential challenges during the construction phase.

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