Facility Management

A Seat at the Table Delivers Project Success

Project owners and managers invite Deux Project to the table at the outset of a project to ensure the life of the project. Deux Project ensures facilities operate efficiently, are maintained, and meet safety standards – all critical in maximizing ROI and extending the lifespan of the assets.

Our team participates in pre-construction meetings to identify issues that could impact the project’s design, layout, materials, and other aspects. Deux Project will serve as your liaison or gatekeeper on a project, collaborating with architects and designers to plan and design the facility’s layout.

Deux Project also coordinates with construction project managers to ensure that construction activities align with building codes and regulations, and facility requirements. Deux Project monitors timelines, budgets, and quality management (Health, Safety, Environment).

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Health and Safety Compliance

Implementation and enforcement of health and safety regulations to create a secure work environment. Conduct regular safety inspections to address any issues promptly.

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Maintenance and Repairs

Plan and schedule routine maintenance activities to prevent equipment breakdowns and ensure optimal functionality. Coordinate repairs and address any issues that may arise during construction or regular operations.

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Utility Management

Manage utilities such as electricity, water, heating, and cooling systems. Review and implement energy-efficient practices to reduce operational costs.

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Security Management

Implementation of security measures and installation of security systems to protect the facility.

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Technology Upgrades and Integration

Assist clients in upgrading or integrating new technologies into existing systems, including implementing advanced control systems, automation solutions, or other technological improvements.

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Supply Chain Management

Ongoing support in managing the supply chain for spare parts and replacement components.

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Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Evaluation of the efficiency and efficacy of the facility. Regular reporting allows clients to assess the facility’s performance against predefined benchmarks and make informed decisions for improvement.

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Regulatory Compliance Support

Ongoing regulatory compliance to help clients stay current on changes in regulations and ensure that the facility remains compliant with industry standards and environmental regulations.

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Lifecycle Assessment

Assist clients in assessing the lifecycle of equipment and systems, involving evaluating the remaining useful life, recommending upgrades or replacements, and planning for future improvements.

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