Design & Planning

Deux Project Brings Our Client’s Vision to Life

Deux Project provides planning, design, and construction of new builds – from hospitals to schools, stadiums, roads – and much more. Deux Project takes a holistic view encompassing the surrounding environment, technology, and cultural context. Our collaboration with the local community and clients ensures we’re creating value with each of our projects.

Our design and planning services include the following.

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Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)

Detailed studies and analyses during the initial stages of a project to define its scope, objectives, and requirements.

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Conceptual and Preliminary Design

Conceptual and preliminary designs to outline the overall project plan, layout, and basic specifications. This includes site selection, project layout, and initial engineering concepts.

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Detailed Engineering Design

Highly detailed plans and specifications for the construction phase, which includes structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation design.

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Process Engineering

For projects involving industrial processes, process engineering services to optimize the design of manufacturing or production processes.

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Architectural Design

Architectural design services for buildings and structures, ensuring they meet aesthetic, functional, and regulatory requirements.

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Civil and Structural Engineering

Design of a project’s civil and structural components, including foundations, buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

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Mechanical Engineering

Design of mechanical systems such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), piping, and equipment layouts.

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Electrical and Instrumentation Design

Design electrical systems, including power distribution, lighting, and instrumentation and control systems.

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Environmental and Sustainability Design

Incorporation of environmental and sustainability considerations into designs, ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting eco-friendly practices.

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