Health Care

The country over, numerous natives face financial hindrances that keep them from getting the healthcare they require. Deux Project is attempting to change that condition. We have executed and bolstered a few community based projects for avoiding and recognizing illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, and cancer. Our backing incorporates best in class portable wellbeing and dental facilities and more through the medicinal missions and free wellbeing programs.

Excellence in health, safety and environment (HSE) is a fundamental part of Deux Project’s culture. We believe that good HSE practices not only protect staff but also contribute to the success of each project. We work to protect the health and safety of all our employees, subcontractors, and contractual partners. This protection extends beyond our company to the people and environment that may be affected by the company’s activities. Monitoring and control procedures including site inspections, audits, regular safety meetings, targeted educational campaigns and training programs to support the implementation of HSE policy, ensure compliance with set guidelines and minimize risks.

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